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CloudSchool has successfully guided over 200+ students and organizations with high success rate in developing their tech capabilities and mastering the cloud.

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Effective Enablement

Our learning approach incorporates validated principles of learning, ensuring customized, effective education for all proficiency levels. CloudSchool provides the most up-to-date courses and laboratory experiences, complemented by all-inclusive tools, and delivered by educators who are as distinctive as you.

Enablement Over Training

At CloudSchool, we focus more on enablement than just training. We empower individuals and teams, providing a holistic approach to learning that nurtures not only skills but also the confidence to use those skills effectively. Our programs span a longer term of 1-12 months, allowing a deeper understanding and superior proficiency in cloud technology. This way, our learners aren’t just trained; they’re enabled.

Enablement is important to innovation

“A majority of innovation leaders (59%) have increased the speed of customer/end-user innovation during the pandemic.”

– Pulse Survey, Harvard Business Review

CloudSchool by The Numbers


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The Homegrown Approach

At CloudSchool, we recognize that nurturing tech proficiency and empowerment in the Philippines demands a distinctive approach that goes beyond typical training and certification programs.

Longer Term Programs

We don't believe in quick fixes. Our long-term programs ensure you gain in-depth knowledge and a solid understanding of the cloud, leading to comprehensive mastery over time.


Our programs are designed with your convenience in mind. Whether you're a working professional or a full-time student, our flexible study options can accommodate your needs.

Budget Friendly

We believe that quality education should be affordable. Our programs are competitively priced to provide the best value, making it easier for you to invest in your future without breaking the bank.

Real reviews from our graduates

Don’t just take our word for it

"Tried restarting my DevOps career last year and luckily CloudSchool was offering CAMP. It was a great experience because the instructors explained all the topics very well in detail, and they were very approachable and open for questions. I learned so much from CAMP that I can apply what I learned in my current job and also helped me greatly when I took my certification exam."
Aldrin Dela Cruz
DevOps Engineer
"I learned so much, I didn't expect that within 2 months I would be able to learn so many AWS services. My knowledge in networking was also refreshed and I understood better how the AWS services work."
Francis Mark Serrano
Cloud Engineer
"As a female project manager new to cloud computing and AWS, I found CloudSchool to be an invaluable resource. The instructors provided clear explanations of complex concepts and were incredibly supportive, making the learning process enjoyable. Thanks to CloudSchool, I've gained the confidence and knowledge to effectively integrate cloud technologies into my projects."
Angeli Villanueva
Project Manager

Hands On

What's it like at CloudSchool

Pro Coaching

CloudSchool's Certified AWS pros as coaches, sharing insights and guidance to all learners.

Mock Exams

Undergo mock exams before plunging into the actual certification exam to ensure your readiness.

Hands-On Labs

Access to CloudSchool's tried and tested Springboard Learning Platform.

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